Android now has the most free Apps

A report that you can find over at Distimo (you need to register to get it) shows that there are now more free apps for Android than there are for any other platform as you can see below in the chart:

More free Android apps than any other platform

More free Android apps than any other platform

So the journalists and bloggers that just can’t spend enough money at Apple were right, people do spend more money when they own an Apple (for now) and maybe even for what would be cheaper on Android? 😉

The report shows that PowerAmp is at the top of the paid apps, it is really good and has some nice functions. Beautiful Widgets (which are great I must admit) is in at 7th place…

Checking the speed of your pages for SEO

You may have recently seen articles that explain how Google will be checking the speed at which your pages load and will be using it in their page ranking system. I had read about it on the Register’s article “Google tweaks search results with mystery site speedometer“.

I then realised that a company I have worked with in the past has a tool that allows you to test this type of issue for your site and even allows you to record the results over time…

UbiKann tested on GTMetrix

UbiKann tested on GTMetrix

Check out Gossamer Threads GTMetrix Site Performance Analyzer. They have just added a new system that allows you compare up to 4 reports/URLs. Oh and it’s free, oh yeah… :)

Behavioural targeting vs SEO

So if there were some type of celebrity match ‘show down’, SEO would at the moment win against behavioural marketing. SEO is for many just a buzzword, to throw in front of the client without understanding what it entails, in the same way that mentioning Twitter is the hip thing to do at the moment.
But when clients start to understand that most SEO efforts are far more difficult to analyse from an ROI perspective than behavioural marketing, the latter being far easier to analyse when used properly, this should change.

When you realise that the technology exists to tailor content ‘on the fly’ to a visitor of your web site that can try to learn click by click or even by the movement of the mouse what a visitor is interested in, and subsequently serve them more appropriate content, you shudder to think what is coming next. I was interviewed and blown away by a company called Touch Clarity that was gobbled up by Omniture several years ago, and still wonder whether I should have pushed forward with them to this day but hey life is full of surprises. 😉

You can easily see how serving content will not only help companies spend their money more efficiently (both ad and site development using behavioural targeting) but should also provide them with better analytical data to better understand their clients. Kind of explains why Omniture invested in a company like Touch Clarity. But only time will tell whether Behavioural targeting (or BT among friends) will win the competition with SEO.

Note: just read that the Marketing Sherpa report has behavioural marketing placed just below SEO in terms of efficiency. Funny story when trying to find out more information about it, the page I was served stopped me from getting to the site.

Time Zone change on Google Analytics

I’ve been conversing with Google on getting my Time Zone changed from the default ‘Pacific Time’ (GMT-08:00), which is not very handy when you live in Europe like some of us 😉

Please note that if your Analytics account is not linked to an AdWords account, you’ll be able to set your timezone preference from the Main Website Profile Information section of your Profile Settings page. By default, all accounts are set to use Pacific Time.

Further down the email from Google Support states that :

If your Analytics account is linked to a Google AdWords account, your time zone will be automatically set to your AdWords preference and you will not see the time zone feature in your Analytics account. This ensures accurate reporting on your AdWords campaigns. To learn how to set the timezone in your AdWords account, please read in the AdWords help center.

However I tried both suggestions and neither provided me with any way of changing it. I have an Adwords account but had never got round to activating it. I didn’t like the idea that the I would be advertising for anything/anybody. Especially not without any assurance that it wasn’t a scam, or shabby products I don’t believe in and definitely wouldn’t want to endorse in any way.

As you can see here the Google Analytics Account Settings page doesn’t allow me to change the time zone :
Google analytics time zone change

And finally here you can see that my AdWords account does not let me modify a thing either, with regards to the time zone :
Google Change Adwords time zone

So I got back to Google to explain this and well, it seems that you can’t change it, so all of my analytics data is pretty difficult to read at the moment. I’m getting the impression that people start looking at my pages from Europe at about 1 o’clock in the morning. I must appeal to the insomniacs among us !

Please note that though you have not activated your AdWords account, your AdWords and Analytics accounts are already linked. Once you have linked your AdWords and Analytics accounts, the time zone that is set in the AdWords account is automatically set for the Analytics account. This is done to ensure that data is reported accurately for your AdWords campaigns being tracked in Analytics. Therefore John, you may not be able to change the time-zone for your Analytics account.

We apologize for any confusion you may have experienced.

So I am basically stuck with this and never specifically asked for the time zone to be “Pacific Time” (GMT-08:00). There was no warning about the fact that you cannot change this nor that it would then stop me from changing my Analytics time zone settings ! Since I’m not even using AdWords I have now gained a greater distaste for it than before !

So if anybody knows what I can do about changing the time zone on my Google Analytics account I would really appreciate a heads up on what I need to do !

I just wrote to Google, asking them if cancelling the AdWords account, will get rid of the problem…

I must say that the Google Analytics system is really good although not being to change the time zone is a real pain and something that one of the lead programmers obviously forgot to integrate as an option between the two systems. Maybe the linking up with AdWords has caused this issue but regardless of the blame it is a problem that needs to dealt with.

So if you are thinking of using Google Analytics which is really useful, then do remember that your initial Time Zone setting is important !

Update: Paul Hiles has just posted a solution in the comments that I can’t check since I’m writing this from my Blackberry. I’ve copied his comment here so that you don’t have to scroll further down to read it. However if you can test this and confirm it works please let everyone know and conform it works:

The timezone setting is in Adwords, and can only be set once, but if you do make a mistake there is the option to change it (but only once!).
If you are logged into your account, then clicking the link below should automatically open a request form to update your timezone.

Changes are carried out by authorised Adwords personnel and are usually complete within one working day (exluding weekends).