Madonna’s fashion holidays in Italy with H&M

Madonna in a track suit draped across Il Duomo in Milan courtesy of H&M !

madonna Il Duomo milan h&m
© Red Label

When you have been instrumental in changing the way a fashion concious country like Italy views value for money clothes then making a statement in one of the fashion capitals of the world probably seems acceptable (IHT) :

Both H&M and Zara have found success in Italy by convincing the fashion- conscious masses that you can look good even if the label does not say Armani or Prada. And that was not an easy feat.

H&M has become a Swedish success story to rival Ikea. Founded in 1947 as Hennes – “hers” – in Swedish, the company acquired Mauritz Widforss, a men’s clothing store, in 1965 and added Mauritz to its name soon after.

The Madonna advert is riding on a wave of a change in Italy. Many talk about the Euro and the way it has given people the distinct impression that prices have gone up far more than salaries across Europe. These types of feelings have undeniably helped fashionistas see the price versus value proposition from H&M and friends :

For more than a month the fashion conscious masses in this city flowed by the cathedral and peered up at Madonna in her track suit, and all indications are that it has become socially acceptable for the fashionistas to shop at H&M, at least some of the time.

And hopefully the proceeds of H&M’s advertising event will help speed up the renovation of Milan’s Il Duomo !