Obama, Content Management and Enterprise 2.0

A very interesting video presentation from AIIM that discusses various interesting topics including that of how Content Management and Enterprise 2.0 helped Obama win the presidency:

This is the explanation provided on the blip tv site (weird player I must say but hey it does the job):

Re-recording of John Mancini’s keynote presentation at the Info360 show. The focus was on applying lessons in the use of E20 technologies in the campaign as reported by Garrett Graff in Infonomics magazine (http://www.infonomicsmag.com) and by SocialMedia8 on Slideshare to any E20 or social networking implementation.

9/11 Five years on, the statistics

The BBC has compiled a very interesting set of statistical charts combined with key event dates, giving a better idea of their impact on the statistics.

bbc usa 5 years stats

It is nicely presented and works well with the key dates, accompanied each time with an image and brief description. An interesting choice of statistics indicating which areas have dramatically changed due to 9/11.