Visas in the US are still scarce

The washingtonpost describes the current despair that can be felt in the US from many technology companies and research institutions who really need to hire skilled workers and were hoping that this year would see new legislation pass through Congress to allow US companies to employ talented people from aboard.
Some feel that the bill that has been put forward, tried to change too much :

“It is incredibly difficult to pass major legislative reforms in any areas, and they tried to bite off a lot,” said Jenifer Verdery, a policy director for Intel Corp., which has lobbied for more skilled foreign workers. “We’ve made a strong case, and we’re hoping to take that to the finish line . . . if there is any policymaking left to do after the election.”

But the current situation is getting unbearable for many specialised companies in the US :

Jai Pathak cited the Hungarian roots of Intel Corp. co-founder Andrew S. Grove, whose work helped create the modern computer industry that employs millions of Americans.
“What would have happened if the United States had decided to close the doors on him?” Pathak said