Barcelona photos from last week-end

I took the below pictures below last week-end in Barcelona. I went to see a Depeche Mode concert with my best friend Amandine and we all had a great time with Caroline, Agathe and Mehran.

Barcelona Beach House with view of boat through the window

Barcelona Beach House with view of boat through the window

Barcelona Port: Sunny Shadows

Barcelona Port: Sunny Shadows

Barcelona Beach: Ron the Sandman

Barcelona Beach: Ron the Sandman

If you like these you may want to check out the set of photos


Canon 7D versus the Nikon 300s: video test examples

There are 2 interesting examples here of video from the Nikon 300s and Canon 7D specifically under artificial lighting conditions at night and the wave type issues that appear on the Nikon but not on the Canon 7D. You can see this near the end when the person is filming a shop with the Nikon 300s and moving down towards the pavement and back up. You see the wave effect for a few seconds before the camera seems to adjust and the video comes back to normal.

It seems the Canon 7D may have one up on the Nikon here! The below example from the Canon 7D is just amazing !

Think this just convinced me to save up for the Canon 7D for Christmas! Note that the rig used for the 7D is very impressive but cannot be considered a reason for the difference in quality of the video if you were wondering… He has added a lens hood / matte box, viewfinder and microphone and uses tripods, other stabalizer gear and last but not least this was shot at 1600 to 6400 ISO!

Legal note on retouched photos: call for legislation in France

An article in “Le Figaro” discusses a move in France by Valérie Boyer to request a legal note be added to photos that have been modified. Although this request is specifically with regards to photos that depict very slim to skinny women, specifically the fashion industry, other bloggers provide interesting arguments for this to be a general request. When photos are used in the news, in a completely misleading manner this type of annotation should be required to avoid it, check out this article over at 10 000 words.

The below video is part of “Le Figao”‘s article:

Look at what I’m looking at

A very interesting study over at UsableWorld illustrates how images used in articles that have faces can have unusual effects on what people look at. Depending on the direction the faces are turned it changes the way people read the page.

In this first example the face of the baby is looking straight forward. You can see people spend a lot of time on the actual face of the child to the detriment of the actual content to the right.

Baby Looking forward, content to the right

Baby Looking forward, content to the right

In the second example the baby is looking towards the content on the right. You can see that this layout produces a more evenly dispersed set of hot areas.

Baby with face towards the content

Baby with face towards the content

Field of flowers

Just had a look over some photos I took when I went to Britanny a few weekends ago with Amandine. I came across some taken when we stopped in a field full of some vibrantly coloured flowers !

Field of flowers

Field of flowers

Field of flowers

Field of flowers: detail

Lovely :)

Street View of you

So I was reading an article on the BBC about Google StreetView, how people had been ‘caught’ by the Google van. I remembered when I was working at LBi in London, I was not far from Brick Lane, on the phone and saw a Google car with the multiple cameras on top. I was on the phone for about 10 minutes and the car came past twice. So a few days ago I decided to check out where I was standing to see if I could see myself. When using Streetview to turn around the corner from Commercial Street I couldn’t see myself but going down the road the other way there I was, as seen below. My face has been blurred even though I didn’t even ask them to do so…

John Garner on Toynbee Street

Streetview on Toynbee Street

Fantastic housewarming

Just a little note, to say that the party was great. It was super to have spent such a great WE with some great friends and colleagues. I’ll post the photos soon. I have to work on a presentation for Monday so haven’t had time to upload the photos yet. Promise I will tomorrow night and I’ll amend this post with the link to the photos…

Note: hectic week so late getting the link, but here are the housewarming party photos :)

Turning away from 9/11

There is an intriguing article over at revolving around a controversial photo by Thomas Hoepker. Do check out the article and the photo. The photo shows a group of young people on the Brooklyn waterfront in view of Manhattan on 9/11. I read the first paragraph and then scrolled down to the photo. I would be really interested to know how people read the article and whether your views changed on the photo after having read the article like mine did.

The last two paragraphs changed my mind, the writer’s insight on what happened that day for many people and a simple explanation for the photo becomes pretty logical and understandable. It is also an interesting parallel with what the author describes as the ability of people to move forward.

Superb time lapse photo shoot

I just came across this photo set of the same view using a time lapse intervelometer device. I was lead to it from a remixed version over on flickr : by ‘narphorium‘ (he explains how he did it in the comments with Photoshop)

Do check the original and the remix, both are really good pieces of work.

On the original page if you go down to the second picture, you’ll see that you get all 6 pictures used in both cases by hovering over the image either from right to left or left to right !

Remove the tourists from your photos

I was curious when I came across Snapmania’s Tourist Remover. I thought now how on earth can they guess what is behind the tourist and fill it in.
The system actually relies upon you having several (for a better result) photos of the same place. This way it takes the photos and uses each to patch together a final photo without the unwanted tourists walking by like here when you could be taking a picture of a Ferrari :

Ferrari with Tourist

Or like this :

Ferrari with Tourist 2

And after using the Tourist Remover Service, voilà, your final photo without a single tourist in site :

Ferrari without tourists

Check out the free service for yourself