Complaining out loud at the theatre !!?

I’ve just got back from a night at the theatre (I was doing the lights and sound). Two plays, one called “Three Sleepless Nights” by Caryl Churchill followed by “Mountain Language” by Harold Pinter. In the first play by Caryl Churchill there is a scene where a woman lying in bed and in despair cuts her wrist(s). On scene I bring the main lights down and shine a spot light on the sheet that has (fake) red blood that can be seen.

I must explain, this is in France, but tonight an older lady started shouting out saying that with all that was going on (i.e. the unrest and strikes I suppose) having this type of thing on display was disgraceful and she wanted her money back!!! She carried on about it for several minutes stopping and starting again with people from the audience asking her to leave / be quiet etc.

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