Audition and maybe get tickets for the Cannes film festival…

…courtesy of Stella Artois in a very creative/imaginative campaign for the brand behind the beer:

Check ou the campaign blog:

And obviously let the fun begin by trying out the audition to see your webcam feed used in the screening audition process…

The Cannes audition process may commence from here


Atrix: Motorola bringing you the dream setup

Just checking out the Engadget site specifically the “Motorola Atrix 4G, HD multimedia dock, and laptop dock hands-on” post and what can say but WOW.
I think this looks like a dream come true and if they have put a decent camera in there I think I’m in love…

The laptop dock is basically a screen with full size keyboard that pretty much turns it the phone into a laptop!

Sony Atrix Laptop Dock

Sony Atrix Laptop Dock

The phone dock allows you to plug in mouse, keyboard and hook up to a full HD screen !

Sony Atrix Phone Dock

Sony Atrix Phone Dock

Check out the engadget video that shows it all working and much more. It is really impressive if that is the type of experience that can be expected on the final version…

I was impressed with the Droid / Milestone but this is just great…

The User experience that is shown in the video and the amount of ways it can be used plus all the functions available through the WebTop application is just amazing.

PS: when are we getting this in Europe and moreover in France???

Checking the speed of your pages for SEO

You may have recently seen articles that explain how Google will be checking the speed at which your pages load and will be using it in their page ranking system. I had read about it on the Register’s article “Google tweaks search results with mystery site speedometer“.

I then realised that a company I have worked with in the past has a tool that allows you to test this type of issue for your site and even allows you to record the results over time…

UbiKann tested on GTMetrix

UbiKann tested on GTMetrix

Check out Gossamer Threads GTMetrix Site Performance Analyzer. They have just added a new system that allows you compare up to 4 reports/URLs. Oh and it’s free, oh yeah… ๐Ÿ™‚

An iPad, a cat and a videorecorder…

…oh and the cat’s friend who seems to know a little bit more than the cat does about the iPad and is probably the one that bought the iPad for his cat ๐Ÿ˜‰

Don’t usually like stuff videos with animals in it, yes I’m talking about the cat ๐Ÿ˜‰

Apple software not so secure?

Following a tweet on LinkedIn from Laurent VERMOT-GAUCHY :

#news Apple software more vulnerable than Microsoft, security expert says

The LA Times article he refers to, indicates that a security expert raises doubts about Apple’s claims that their software is more secure than Microsoft’s:

In Apple’s famous “I’m a Mac” TV commercials, the Cupertino company frequently implies that its computer software is more secure than Microsoft’s operating systems. But a renowned security expert says the truth may be the opposite.

Which is funny unless you’re called Apple and/or work on a Mac I guess…

Social Media Dorks viral video

Being open about creating a video for it to go viral is pretty honest no?

And all this to promote a service called grasshopper!

Barcelona photos from last week-end

I took the below pictures below last week-end in Barcelona. I went to see a Depeche Mode concert with my best friend Amandine and we all had a great time with Caroline, Agathe and Mehran.

Barcelona Beach House with view of boat through the window

Barcelona Beach House with view of boat through the window

Barcelona Port: Sunny Shadows

Barcelona Port: Sunny Shadows

Barcelona Beach: Ron the Sandman

Barcelona Beach: Ron the Sandman

If you like these you may want to check out the set of photos


Now is the time to start your company…

According to an article over at FastCompany, now is a good time to start a company. The article depicts the current trends and examples of the current profiles of entrepreneurs, far more people are sticking to their current jobs while only the “wild-eyed” ones are sticking to their guns and embracing the obstacles that didn’t exist a few years ago when creating a company.
While some are providing auditoriums with speeches that include the common “the Chinese word for crisis also means opportunity”, the braver and more operational ones are taking advantage of the current situation to start their own company and hopefully become the next Microsoft, LinkedIn or Facebook…

Fox News caught falsifying footage

Over at the great Huffington Post is an article about how Jon Stewart explains in his traditional humorous fashion how Fox News falsified footage (unbelievable of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), to give people the impression that a GOP rally was far bigger than it actually was.

Love the ending with Comedy Central’s own version also using unrelated footage! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dyson Ventilator

Client reactions to…

…the new Dyson Ventilator

Explained by the man himself

Edit: I’ve since purchased one of course and it is great, although be careful to store it properly as it can scratch easily ๐Ÿ™