Published on   Saturday, March 25, 2006
by  John Garner

What does UbiKann mean ?
So where does the word UbiKann come from and what does it mean ?

Well in view of the fact that the Internet is an international market the name has it source in two words "ubiquitous" and "can". It was modified for a more international market since when you read it in different languages it should generally have a similar pronunciation. In phonetics there are different styles which differ on the sounds so even that isn't foolproof !
For an example when you have only one n in French then the ending would sound like "on" in the sentence "switch the light on". When you have two "n"s then it would sound like "an" (can) in the sentence "you can do that"...

What is it For ?
Having worked on Internet projects and building web sites since 1994 this is a close and personal impression of what the Internet means to me, being able to publish content, available everywhere, for people that are lucky enough to have Internet access...

The aim of this site is to publish interesting information about what goes on around us and posted by people in different places around the world so that the different cultures and different perspectives can be shared...

The logo
First UbiKann logo used in 1998

With regards to the logo which is mainly typographic design the aim when I designed it (back in 1998), was to convey the message of the slogan "With UbiKann, You can". Looking at the logo you can read both UbiKann and UKann... You can also read U (and) I Kann to pull on the both the "You" and the "I can" idea...

I also took the time to properly register the trade mark & logo.

John Garner