Multi-browser site testing

I have just published an article that covers the subject of testing your site/pages and the compatibility with different browsers, several different services and solutions exist. I aim to cover as many solutions as possible in the article.

The main areas of the article are :
– Hardware based solutions
– Software based solutions
– Standalone solutions
– Remote Testing Machines solutions
– Cross-Browser screen capturing
– Standards Compliance
– Load and Stress Tests

Browsercam capture
A screenshot from the Browsercam tutorial.


  1. Zeffer says

    Wow, that’s awesome ! Just what I needed for my project. I only knew BrowserPhoto and I agree not impressed with the pres. I check out several and it’s true that Browsercam and Sitevista (love their design) look good.

    Thanks for sharing the info mate :)


  2. Gord. says

    Thanks for the article, I need to check whether our pages are appearing correctly or not and what differences there may be. This is really a good overview of what is out there. I had started a list but yours is more complete. It’s true that browser compatibility is still a hard one to crack. We need to check Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox and Safari but even in IE for example it works fine with some versions and then falls to pieces in others.
    I’m just happy my boss has realised that we are probably losing clients/visitors because the pages don’t degrade properly or parts are hidden by overlappin elements on the page !
    The reference to the stats was helpful as well, I didn’t really know how many are using a 800 x 600 pixels screen size as opposed to 1024 x 768.
    Thanks again. BTW which one do you prefer out of these ?


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