Ken on Ogilvy

So I came across this article about the book Ken Roman has just published about David Ogilvy. Ken is a former Ogilvy Chairman. The article describes a book of a guy talking about another guy! At the end the author of the article explains what he would have liked to see in the book:

Part of Ogilvy’s genius was that he understood how advertising after World War II would reflect — and in a sense, replace — the one-on-one salesmanship at which he excelled. Unfortunately, when the nature of the relationship between buyer and seller began to change — that is, when a smile and litany of facts were no longer enough to hold consumer attention — Ogilvy’s work began to suffer as well.

The comments are great though, well worth the read… :)

What is Twitter, according to nightline

Nice piece on Nightline (ABC in the US) that explains what Twitter is, starts funny but then actually gives a good explanation with comments from the founders of Twitter…

It gives you a fairly good basic ‘101’ idea of Twitter. What is a follower, tweeting, a tweet… 😉

Mini Wheats get a mini box

A new box is being tested across the pond (in the US) for both Mini Wheats and Kellogg’s Cornflakes, a mini box that uses 8% less material but still houses the same amount of the product, a mini revolution !

Kellogs cornflakesKellogs miniwheats 18oz

Nescafe, more beans by the millions

I seem to get drawn to all things Nestle since I have started working on the Nestle account. Here is the ‘making of’ the TV advert for Nescafe “More beans, more taste”, followed by the ad: