Kindle sales are up the day after Apple’s Mini launch

Most people expected that the launch of Apple’s mini thingy would put Amazon in a really difficult position. However it seems on the contrary Amazon sales are up and went up soon after the announcement from Apple. Could that be people that realised that the Amazon offer was a) from a hardware point of view more interesting and b) paying a fixed amount to consume all you want in terms of films, series an music was better than just giving money to Apple?
Probably !

A Hero’s video

Wow this is just a pleasure to watch the images are great and sometimes breathtaking on a large screen at 1080 Full HD, enjoy!


Felix Baumgartner’s record jump

I came across this my pure chance from an article on Mashable linking to the live video feed and it was just amazing. The courage you need to do what Baumgartner did is astonishing, just watching it, in pretty poor quality video as some points was however, riveting…