Apple software not so secure?

Following a tweet on LinkedIn from Laurent VERMOT-GAUCHY :

#news Apple software more vulnerable than Microsoft, security expert says

The LA Times article he refers to, indicates that a security expert raises doubts about Apple’s claims that their software is more secure than Microsoft’s:

In Apple’s famous “I’m a Mac” TV commercials, the Cupertino company frequently implies that its computer software is more secure than Microsoft’s operating systems. But a renowned security expert says the truth may be the opposite.

Which is funny unless you’re called Apple and/or work on a Mac I guess…

Even online ads can be a security hole!

An article on the New York Times explains how a group or person was able to get malicious code inserted on the New York Times and gave readers the impression that a program was scanning their computer

New York Times Malicious Ad Code Inserted

New York Times Malicious Ad Code Inserted

THE NYTimes article explains that this attack via online ad systems have already hit companies like and the The San Francisco Chronicle.

As you can see in the below letter from Publicis owned Starcom this is obvioulsy being taken very seriously and security is being tightened up around the ad insertion procedures…
Publicis-Starcom_Media-Partners_Letter (PDF)