WordPress stuck in maintenance mode on upgrade

I just came across a situation where on upgrading 3 plugins on WordPress the system got stuck on the first and after 30 secs had not moved at all. This was the first time it had happened to me and I have upgraded WP sites, plugins and themes hundreds of times so it is rare in my experience.

So it took me by surprise and also I didn’t have a clue what to do. I came across this post on the WP forums that was the perfect answer:

You basically need to delete a file called .maintenance in the root of your site’s web folder, via FTP or a web file management system that allows you to see and delete files starting with a dot: “.maintenance”

For example in CuteFTP you would need to select “enable server side filtering” by clicking on the filter button in Actions (right click on site properties of the site to get this) and add the following command “-a” as a filter (without quote marks).

Lego guys gone wild

Below is a video of a Great Ball Contraption circuit that takes nearly 8 minutes to complete and probably took weeks to build if not months. This is like Lego 5.0 compared to what I used to be able to do with Lego when I was kid!

Reblogged from TNW

Drop in Flash used on top websites

Thanks to Steve Souders (who works for Google), significant data shows that among the top 17 000 websites there was a 2 percent drop in Flash usage, in just over 4 months. You may consider that to be a small drop. But 2 points over such a short period of time is actually significant especially in the website industry, that in many cases, takes about 3 or 4 months to think about changing something…

Not great news for traditional Ad agencies that love Flash and have strong Flash development skills. But good news for the companies that are focusing on HTML5 and a more multi-platform compliancy approach…

Apple dominating tablets… for now

Great article over at The Register on the future of Android and Apple. Matt Asay discusses how Jobs recently glowed about the dominance of Apple in the tablet market. As I discussed recently the tipping point for Android is nigh, Android is taking over the iPhone and Assay points out that this is why Apple is concentrating their efforts on the tablet market now. In the same way that Windows wasn’t really better than Apple when the Mac versus PC battle took place and was lost by Apple, Android just needs to be good, cheaper and in multiple variations… what they have done with Android and in so doing have won the market.

I’m still gutted that Nokia aren’t going the Android route as I would have been such a happy man… :)