Drop in Flash used on top websites

Thanks to Steve Souders (who works for Google), significant data shows that among the top 17 000 websites there was a 2 percent drop in Flash usage, in just over 4 months. You may consider that to be a small drop. But 2 points over such a short period of time is actually significant especially in the website industry, that in many cases, takes about 3 or 4 months to think about changing something…

Not great news for traditional Ad agencies that love Flash and have strong Flash development skills. But good news for the companies that are focusing on HTML5 and a more multi-platform compliancy approach…

Getting Google results in English

I was recently getting very frustrated because I was constantly getting results from Google in French in both IE8 and Google Chrome due to having either a Windows installation in French or other similar French language preferences even when going into “Manage Search Providers”, I couldn’t find the option to obtain UK or US but mainly English based results!

This is what I found out that may help you too!

The solution if you want the results from Google that you type in the top right hand corner of IE8 to be in English, is to click on the link below and choose Google Search as your default search provider:

When I went into Manage Search Providers and clicked on Find More Search Providers I was also getting an error page!

Chrome shines with experiments

Yes it’s the weekend and another video following the Ray Ban viral video. This however is a far more geeky video, as it demonstrates the ability of Google Chrome with it’s super fast Javascript Engine (codename V8) to really show off.

You can also go and check these experiments out. Believe me though, not using Google Chrome, shows how good Google Chrome is. A clever way of showing how good Google Chrome is. And obvioulsy it shows up browsers like IE. Don’t even dream of trying it with IE6, once again life would be so much better without IE6… No but seriously, don’t try it with IE6; you’ll either crash/freeze your computer, or spend 10 minutes clicking ‘No’ on the Javascript debugging Console.

Enough of IE6 already

Let’s all shout loud and clear that we have had enough of having to cater for Internet Explorer 6, the quirks, the endless limitations and overall reduced user experience. Found this on Bowman‘s site. It is a link to a manifesto / petition to encourage people to move away from IE6, get a life and make the life of people creating HTML just that much easier and interesting for end users. IE6 does not comply with any standards other than those of Microsoft and now more than ever just hinders user experience in general. So please spread the word about the issues that IE is creating.
Do check out the site. It looks great and has a wonderful quote from Jeffrey Zeldman, (I translated his witty article Web 3.0 a while back):

“IE6 is the new Netscape 4. The hacks needed to support IE6 are increasingly viewed as excess freight. Like Netscape 4 in 2000, IE6 is perceived to be holding back the web”

Bring IE6 down screenshot

Bring IE6 down screenshot

Bring down IE6 logo

Hilarious note: Pierre from work, has the same unfortunate task as myself, of having to spend ages testing and modifying HTML templates so they will work in IE6. Take a look at this very funny set of IE6 splash pages, Pierre sent me: http://blog.hugsformonsters.com/post/87657240/overly-judgemental-ie6-splash-pages