Android now has the most free Apps

A report that you can find over at Distimo (you need to register to get it) shows that there are now more free apps for Android than there are for any other platform as you can see below in the chart:

More free Android apps than any other platform

More free Android apps than any other platform

So the journalists and bloggers that just can’t spend enough money at Apple were right, people do spend more money when they own an Apple (for now) and maybe even for what would be cheaper on Android? 😉

The report shows that PowerAmp is at the top of the paid apps, it is really good and has some nice functions. Beautiful Widgets (which are great I must admit) is in at 7th place…

Atrix: Motorola bringing you the dream setup

Just checking out the Engadget site specifically the “Motorola Atrix 4G, HD multimedia dock, and laptop dock hands-on” post and what can say but WOW.
I think this looks like a dream come true and if they have put a decent camera in there I think I’m in love…

The laptop dock is basically a screen with full size keyboard that pretty much turns it the phone into a laptop!

Sony Atrix Laptop Dock

Sony Atrix Laptop Dock

The phone dock allows you to plug in mouse, keyboard and hook up to a full HD screen !

Sony Atrix Phone Dock

Sony Atrix Phone Dock

Check out the engadget video that shows it all working and much more. It is really impressive if that is the type of experience that can be expected on the final version…

I was impressed with the Droid / Milestone but this is just great…

The User experience that is shown in the video and the amount of ways it can be used plus all the functions available through the WebTop application is just amazing.

PS: when are we getting this in Europe and moreover in France???

Don’t use the iPhone as a phone of course

Quite amusing post by CNet UK about how bad the iPhone is at, well, being a phone: “The iPhone is the worst phone in the world“. Reminded me of a comment from a colleague recently talking about buying a new mobile phone, “I don’t want an iPhone because I want to use it as a phone and the battery is crap”. Very funny article and some good points…

Danger in the cloud: backup nightmare

T-Mobile users of the sidekick device have been warned to not let their devices drain completely after a server from the Danger company (owned by Microsoft) had a catastrophic failure, specifically the server managing this service. Seems weird when you read up on cloud computing that one server would hold all the data and not have any type of backup system! Especially when it concerns so many people’s everyday digital life! Read more about the event here and here.
Through the different accounts of the incident it seems that there a) wasn’t an ongoing backup system and b) when upgrading the system the techies at Danger didn’t actually perform a backup, so when things went wrong they were, well, out of options! c) data is not saved on a proper backup system on the Sidekick since the battery draining itself can kill all the data and relies too much on the cloud / offsite storage system!
It is obvious that this story is a dream com true for consultants and companies that work in the backup industry and a nightmare for T-Mobile users concerned…