A Hero’s video

Wow this is just a pleasure to watch the images are great and sometimes breathtaking on a large screen at 1080 Full HD, enjoy!


Felix Baumgartner’s record jump

I came across this my pure chance from an article on Mashable linking to the live video feed and it was just amazing. The courage you need to do what Baumgartner did is astonishing, just watching it, in pretty poor quality video as some points was however, riveting…

Fox News caught falsifying footage

Over at the great Huffington Post is an article about how Jon Stewart explains in his traditional humorous fashion how Fox News falsified footage (unbelievable of course ;) ), to give people the impression that a GOP rally was far bigger than it actually was.

Love the ending with Comedy Central’s own version also using unrelated footage! :)

Budweiser: not convinced? Me neither

Just came across the new budweiser advert and well I must say it’s so ‘normal’ that it feels wrong for Budweiser. Maybe that is the aim of it!? An advert that creates an outcry from people, who have grown used to so damn good adverts from Budweiser. The powers that be at Bud thought they would tease us with this unusually ‘normal’ one!

Google Wave: Pulp Fiction style

Yes it’s a take on Pulp Fiction so there is some ‘foul’ language involved but if you can ‘take it’ then check it out, quite funny

Canon 7D versus the Nikon 300s: video test examples

There are 2 interesting examples here of video from the Nikon 300s and Canon 7D specifically under artificial lighting conditions at night and the wave type issues that appear on the Nikon but not on the Canon 7D. You can see this near the end when the person is filming a shop with the Nikon 300s and moving down towards the pavement and back up. You see the wave effect for a few seconds before the camera seems to adjust and the video comes back to normal.

It seems the Canon 7D may have one up on the Nikon here! The below example from the Canon 7D is just amazing !

Think this just convinced me to save up for the Canon 7D for Christmas! Note that the rig used for the 7D is very impressive but cannot be considered a reason for the difference in quality of the video if you were wondering… He has added a lens hood / matte box, viewfinder and microphone and uses tripods, other stabalizer gear and last but not least this was shot at 1600 to 6400 ISO!

Obama, Content Management and Enterprise 2.0

A very interesting video presentation from AIIM that discusses various interesting topics including that of how Content Management and Enterprise 2.0 helped Obama win the presidency:

This is the explanation provided on the blip tv site (weird player I must say but hey it does the job):

Re-recording of John Mancini’s keynote presentation at the Info360 show. The focus was on applying lessons in the use of E20 technologies in the campaign as reported by Garrett Graff in Infonomics magazine (http://www.infonomicsmag.com) and by SocialMedia8 on Slideshare to any E20 or social networking implementation.