Guys love the biological clock question

By    John Garner on  Friday, April 14, 2006
Summary: While I was in Paris I came across so many women of my age and slightly older that were, to put it mildly getting uptight about having babies. I recently had a girlfriend after two weeks asking me if I had thought about kids ! OK, we had been out before, but, wow, two weeks. […]

While I was in Paris I came across so many women of my age and slightly older that were, to put it mildly getting uptight about having babies. I recently had a girlfriend after two weeks asking me if I had thought about kids ! OK, we had been out before, but, wow, two weeks. Suffice to say the whole "I think there should be love before talking about babies" didn't go down to well as a response because as close friends pointed out that kinda meant love wasn't there. Well I must say I'd prefer a situation where love takes the time it takes to sprout but that the "Oh darling I'm pregnant" comes after...

I came across a very interesting web site yesterday called "Dr Diana" a feminist blogger. Val (I call my parents by their first name) is such a feminist, that I now warn my friends in advance just in case. But hey, I can talk about it, so I haven't been that traumatised by the whole thing.
Anyway, Dr Diana answers the biological clock question:

Is there really such a thing as a biological clock?

The answer is short and interesting; obviously Dr Diana is clued in with the attention deficit prone society that surrounds her 😉
Take a look at her answer rather than me trying to paraphrase and do a far worse job than her (trust me it would be so easy)...

On the feminist front I'm pretty sure that the Dr Diana has used a pretty macho icon from our recent past, known as Indiana Jones, in her site's logo and I thought that was "forbidden" for feminists.
Each time I hear the word forbidden at the moment I remember the Harold Pinter play Lee (my dad) recently produced were the officer shouts "Language is forbidden". Not that using an 'Indiana Jones' type typography in a logo is forbidden...

So anyway do take a look at Dr Diana's site you'll like it, unless you are not really as open minded as you try to kid yourself into thinking you are ! Yes she uses words like boobs and talks about strip clubs, ooooh, yes naughty things and all...

Article written by  John Garner

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One comment on “Guys love the biological clock question”

  1. Mmm...!! Perhaps that's why girls mature sooner than boys. They have to make important decisions at an earlier age. Men can continue to procreate into old age whilst girls are getting to the crunch point at 30. I don't remember being obsessed by the 'having babies' syndrome at 30 but then it's easy for me to say that, having since then, had two babies who are now wonderful, caring adults. We'll forget about the inbetween bit and feel thankful that now, like Diana, the only clock I hear ticking is one for greater personal freedom. It is wonderful!

    Men, for the most part, get more of this personal freedom all their lives whether it's culture or nature. I can assure them all (men, that is) - women are not born with a toilet brush in their tiny little hands and cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing are learned skills, which men conveniently forget. Most are totally unpleasurable and can kill love if they are not shared. I admit that simple electical repairs, DIY etc. are the same in reverse, but most of the single women I know have mastered them. If you don't, you pay for a specialist. Men, conveniently are able to get another naive, new, younger version. Women, for the most part, don't want another version, full stop. They have at last started to hear the clock ticking 'personal freedom'!

    Yes I know this misses the complexities and theory of gender but it is the reality of the day-to-day life of many women. It's not a rehersal sisters - enjoy!

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