Windows 7 64 bit on Dell XPS M1210

By    John Garner on  Saturday, May 23, 2009
Summary: Well here I am, writing about how great the Windows 7 RC1 operating system is, directly from my Dell XPS M1210 64 bit version. Although I went through a fair amount of trial and error and one complete re-install I'm happy to say nearly all the core elements are recognised and no more yellow triangles […]

Well here I am, writing about how great the Windows 7 RC1 operating system is, directly from my Dell XPS M1210 64 bit version. Although I went through a fair amount of trial and error and one complete re-install I'm happy to say nearly all the core elements are recognised and no more yellow triangles with exclamation marks in the device manager.

The 2 most difficult where the Ricoh car reader and the Logitech QuickCam / webcam drivers.
The Ricoh card reader came up as a "base system device" issue. I solved this by downloading the driver from this site then installing the application that installs the x64 drivers.
The Logitech came up as an unrecognised USB device driver issue and Windows 7 OS itself allowed me to download the solution R151795 from the Dell site. When you try to install it this fails, you then just need to point the device manager system to the folder where this solution/drivers were extracted, so that it can install the drivers. This does not however install the software that you usually get from Logitech since it only picks up the drivers, which means other software can use it, but you won't have the Logitech suite you usually get (personally doesn't bother me but may be a problem for others)!

For an antivirus/firewall solution the latest ESET Smart security 4 works just fine on the 64 bit Windows 7 operating system.

For codecs I highly recommend either switching to VideoLan (but this is not yet available in a 64 bit version) or/and as I did, install the great Windows 7 codec package from Shark that can be downloaded here and 64 bit components to take advantage of your 64 bit Windows Media player for example here.

I'm also running the Office 2007 suite and even though it's a pity that Windows itself hasn't got at least a beta version in 64 bit out yet, it works fine and just installed the SP2 for Office 2007.

At the moment it seems easiest to use Internet Explorer 8 (not the 64 bit version) or another 32 bit browser like Chrome, to be able to view Flash content as there is still no 64 bit version of Flash player. For example the release candidate of Minefield, Firefox's codename for the 64 bit version of their browser doesn't have a Flash plug-in.

The main idea is that you can try drivers that are indicated as being for the specific hardware you have if they are supposed to work on Vista 64 bit, or wait untill another user explains that they have found what you need, if you don't want to risk having to reinstall Windows 7 again...

Hope this helps other XPS M1210 owners out πŸ˜‰

Update: Windows Update just informed of 3 downloads for the Ricoh Host Contoller (Memory stick, SD/MMC and xD Picture card) released in July, October and November 2008 along with the opportunity to download Silverlight!

Update 2: 'Stir' kindly provided the link for the Synaptic x64 driver here:

Download Windows 7 Release Candidate (both 32 bit and 64 bit versions available). Note: make sure you read the "Read this first" section.
The Windows 7 upgrade advisor

You should also know:
- When the final version of Windows 7 comes out you will not be able to upgrade to it so you will have to do a clean installation
- You can upgrade from Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 32 bit but you cannot upgrade from Vista 32 bit to Windows 64 bit. You cannot upgrade from any version of Windows XP to Windows 7 you'll need to do a clean install. I would recommend a clean installation though ONLY after having backed up all your data as you will erase everything on your hard disk and I would recommend backing up your data even if you upgrade as you never know what can happen.
- The Windows 7 RC will stop working on June 1, 2010

Article written by  John Garner

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100 comments on “Windows 7 64 bit on Dell XPS M1210”

  1. How did you find the nvidia drivers... i just installed a 64 bit windows 7 so im dying to find out.. hope i hear from you

  2. Hi Mitchell,

    The Nvidia drivers should appear in Windows Update as a download for you and then once downloaded and installed well "bob's your uncle" as they say. Access then appears when you right click on the desktop as an option: "NVIDIA Control Panel". It's obviously only really useful when you attach an external monitor... Have fun... πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for the above post itmade my life a lot easier. I did have to reset my bios settings to default for some reason as I was getting some weird messages. I launched Windows in safe mode as well to see if it was a driver problem but BIOS reset did the trick. Also attached a monitor as i thought it might have been a VGA card issue.

    Nice one

  4. Any ideas about the trackpad and other dell utilities like the wifi tool? You don't get the scroll function on the trackpad at the moment and I kinda liked that!

  5. HI there

    I currently have Vista on my machine I guess a lot of guys have the same. Did you do an upgrade or was this a clean installation? I wanna try Windows 7 now there is a release candidate. Seems there aren't all the Dell tools available either from what Alex says above. I use a mouse rather than the trackpad but the Wifi thing seems a pain if it's not available

  6. @ Alex, I have been trying a few drivers from Dell and at the moment the one I found doesn't provide the scroll functionality even though it is a 64 bit Vista driver. Let you know if I find a driver that works and is x64.

    @ SwiftyT, I actually took the opportunity to upgrade my hard disk. The one I had in there was a Momentus 7200.2 160 GB Seagate SATA drive and I upgraded to a Momentus 5400 500 GB SATA Seagate drive. The difference between the 7200 and 5400 should mean my 9 cell battery lasts a bit longer. Also I would recommend testing the XPS M1210 for yourself using the Windows 7 upgrade advisor (it is a beta version). The 500 GB drive cost me less than 100 Euros here in France so depending on where you are you may want to check this option out. Microsoft doesn't recommend using your primary PC/laptop for testing the Release Candidate and this type of move is better done via a clean install anyway. The minimum is to save your data to an external hard drive or burn to DVD if you don't have too much. Also you should know there is not technical support from Microsoft on Windows 7 RC although you will find lot's of help on the Internet from current users who have gone through the process.

    Another issue is that you can't upgrade from a Vista 32 bit version to Windows 7 64 bit I have added a link in the article above to help you tell which version you have but I'm pretty sure that the Dell XPS M1210 never shipped in a 64 bit version of Windows. This means you have to do a clean install or install the 32 bit version of Windows 7.

  7. I just installed windows 7 on my dell xps m1210 and I can't seem to get my microphone working, have you had any luck with this?

  8. Hi Sean,
    When you install the drivers for the webcam as explained above the microphone being part of the Logitech webcam will start working once this is installed.
    Let me give you an example, Windows Live Essentials is one of the latest updates you will see in Windows Update and this allows you to download loads of Windows applications. I specifically only chose Windows Live Messenger and deselected the rest in order to check the webcam and microphone were working. Once this is installed you will see in the "Menu Bar", in "Tools", an option called "Audio and Video Setup". This allows you to test in the first screen the microphone and you can see that it is working. You can also test the Webcam in the second screen and see you face appear, which in my case was pretty scary so be warned πŸ˜‰
    Hope this helps...

  9. After a boot or two most of my drivers were pulled in via Windows Update and installed. I have a M1210 with the Nvidia GPU and used to notice a flicker on x86 with the latest drivers but that was resolved in x64 thankfully.

    Also I was really disappointed because I purchased 4GB of RAM and installed Win7 x64 hoping to take advantage of it. Turns out there mobo level chipset limitation on these models that locks in the available memory to ~3.25GB. Lack of PAE.

    Dell sold these advertising the 4gig option which I found disingenuous in retrospect. Also its running noticeably cooler and longer under Windows 7 compared to Vista which is great.

  10. @ Nathan, glad it helped πŸ™‚

    @ Adi, thanks and interesting. I guess that you have allocated the maximum of 256MB of memory to your graphic card which would mean you are not missing the full extra 1GB of memory or is that just positive thinking on my behalf. I frequently come across cases where people can see more than 3GB but not the full 4GB and the missing memory is used by onboard graphic cards. I didn't know about a motherboard chipset limit.
    As the XPS 1210 never shipped with a 64 bit OS to my knowledge the 4GB option advertised by Dell does seem weird though.

    Totally agree Windows 7 is really great I have also installed the 64 bit version on a desktop PC that has an AMD Phenom 9950 because I find it so impressive! Real change to Vista that came along with the XPS laptop, it really was so much slower than Windows 7...

  11. My microphone problem is that only the one integrated with the camera works. The mic jack (the 3rd on the front of the keyboard) does nothing. This means that I can use the integrated mic on a Skype call, but when I want to transfer an audiocassette, the miniplug cable is useless, and I must rely on room sound. Any suggestions?

  12. "I guess that you have allocated the maximum of 256MB of memory to your graphic card which would mean you are not missing the full extra 1GB of memory or is that just positive thinking on my behalf."

    Is there a way to do this through the BIOS or am i completely misinterpreting what youre saying. I too upgraded to 4GB of ram and intalled RC1x64 thinking i could use all 4GB. Is there a way to allocate more memory to the video card? Thanks for your response and the blog, really helped my webcam issue!

  13. Hello, I am not sure what people meant by the "wifi" app. Does this mean that people are unable to use their wireless cards that came with the XPS M1210?


  14. Hi Gene, Windows 7 has it's own Wifi tool within the operating system that is pretty straight forward to understand and use. The comment was just to warn you that tools that are packaged by Dell in their 'Utilities' CD/DVD are not available for the XPS M1210 in a 64 bit version at the moment as far as I know.

  15. Just to let you know about a cool test I went through. I had 2 monitors plugged in. A Samsung TV, a NEC Monitor (VGA) and the laptop screen working 2 by 2. I could cycle between the 3 having 2 screens working simultaneously (with one as an extended or both displaying the same thing) thanks to the "Fn" F8 buttons or simply through the screen resolution function within Windows 7 !

  16. Im using Win7 Pro - 32bit OS

    on Dell XPS M1210

    I only have one problem

    everytime i am connected to my broadband i cant access internet.. it keeps shows

    " DSN Server isn't responding "

    with the same setting on my desktop i can.. please help me out if u know what is the problem . πŸ™‚

  17. @Nesh: It is likely "DNS server isn't responding" and this is tricky to figure out without seeing what you set-up is like. Also my gut feeling is that if you have not installed firewall type software on top of Win7 or if you have a harware firewall system (that could be blocking access to the net for some reason), then it is probably more to do with your internet access not wanting to play πŸ˜‰
    Can you check that you have access to the Internet via another computer ?
    On your Dell xps m1210, maybe check in the device manager what the status of your network hardware is (right click on "my computer" and select properties, then choose "device manager" in the list on the left). Look at "Network adapters" to make sure your drivers are working and up to date.
    Do you have wifi on your broadband device ? If so can you check whether the wifi is working and provides intenret access?

  18. Hi There πŸ™‚

    I am using Win7 RTM 32-bit on my XPS m1210 for a few weeks. My problem is, that everytime i connect/disconnect any device (USB storage, SD card, turn on/of wifi adapter, eternet adapter etc...) my external monitor start flashig 2 - 3 times.... I have installed Nvidia drivers from Windows Update. Is there any solution how fit it? ( or had anybody the same problem with external monitor? ) My monitor is SAMSUNG SyncMaster 931BW connected via VGA-cabel Thanks for reply

    PS: Sorry for my bad english :o)

  19. @Miki I suggest that you try with another monitor first to make sure that you can confirm the dell laptop is the source of the problem.
    I don't have the 32 bit version of Windows 7 installed and have not had this issue on the 64 bit version.
    It could be that the graphic card is on its last legs, which would not be good. I had to have mine changed and luckily it was still under guarantee as the Dell guy that came changed the whole motherboard...! I started getting, like 256 colours on the screen intermittently, rather than the sharp millions of colours. I connect mine to a Loewe TV screen via VGA and have never had this issue...
    May I ask why you don't try the 64 bit version of Windows 7?

  20. I wanted to share my experience with the Dell m1210 and the final version RTM of Windows 7 64-bit.

    Following the information on this blog and comments (thanks Stir) I was able to find drivers for everything.

    -Webcam and headset worked with Skype.
    -Vertical and horizontal scrolling works on the touch pad.
    -Memory card reader worked with a sony flash card
    -Windows 7 wifi works better than the bloated intel software
    -Windows was able to detect everything else.

    Windows 7 64x seems snappier than Window XP. I have 4gigs of memory sadly only 3.25 is used, because as noted above there is an limitation from the motherboard intel chipset. Grrr.

    My Windows Experience Index (WEI) is as follows...
    Processor: 5.0
    RAM: 5.0
    Graphics: 3.7
    Gaming Graphics: 3.6
    Hard Disk: 5.4

    CPU: T7200 @ 2.00Ghz (I upgraded it from a T2400)
    Hard Drive: Hitachi 7K200 (replaces the old slow dell drive)
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 64 MB

    The original T2400 CPU was not compatible with Windows 7 64bit operation system so I purchased a used CPU T7200 from e-bay then installed it myself using the below manual and new thermal grease.

    DellΓ’β€žΒ’ XPSΓ’β€žΒ’ M1210 Service Manual

    XPS M1210 Merom Upgrade/Review! (With Pics)

  21. Hi Chris,

    Kudos for sharing the info and the links. I also replaced the hard disk and put a 500 Gig hard drive in there. It was way easier than upgrading to a 500 Gig hard disk on the Asus 1005ha that I purchased while in the US! But probably not as complicated as the processor upgrade you did!

    I also had a Dell technician come round to replace the whole motherboard recently since the graphics card was dying on me (luckily I was still under guarantee with the 3 years coverage) and even though he was pretty quick it took him about 10 minutes to switch everything out!

    Waiting to see what Dell offers for poor suckers like myself that had to fork our all that money for a Vista Ultimate that was a joke in terms of stability. They won't get money off me if there is not a good offer to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. That's for sure!

    Thanks again Chris

  22. Yesterday I reinstall my W7 on 64-bit version. I have still the same problem whit flashing on ext. monitor. I try another monitor (benq FP91G X)and result was the same.
    Now I have other issue on 64-bit version. My webcam is still hot (also in idle mode) I had this problem in linux, but never in windows. I try to disable webcam in device manager, but nothing changed. Any advise?

    Again sorry for my english.

  23. Hi Miki,
    When you say flashing is the image good quality and flashing or does the picture quality degrade to say 256 colours instead of thousands or millions of colours? About the webcam, I don't actually have the computer at hand at the moment and can't find in the manual below whether there is a bios setting to switch the webcam off.
    In the manual it does say:

    NOTE: It is normal for the camera to feel warm to the touch when the computer is running and when the camera is in use.

  24. hi 2 all i have a problem with my sound, i only have sound if i connect the headphones do i have to do something to make my speakes work?

    thnks 4 all

  25. Hi Mauricio,

    It should work directly with the drivers that are either present or downloaded by Windows Update. Have you run Windows Update? Try going into device manager in the Control panel and check if you have a yellow warning sign next to the sound controllers part next to your audio device? Also see if you can do a right click and update driver on it...

  26. hi John Garner ty 4 post, i just try unstalling and installing again the driver but no results =[, i think i'll call tech support... thnks again 4 all =]

  27. Hi SK,

    You need to go into All Programs (in Start, left hand bottom corner) and choose at the top of the list 'Windows Update'. If you launch this you should see a whole list of drivers available that you can download an install. Otherwise you can read in the article above for certain drivers that you may still need after running Windows Update several times.

    Have fun πŸ˜‰

  28. Dear John, just to say many thanks for your helpful and informative advice esp the webcam driver issue. I followed your instructions and now have a beautifully working XPS M1210 running Windows 7 (with upgraded 500gb hard drive!).

    Hopefully I'll get a good 2-3 more years out of it (bought Oct 2006 still have 1 year warranty left). I'll add any experiences here.

  29. I have a xps m1210 with win7 32bit,and 3gb ram everything was recognized but I noticed that when I watch movies which are longer than one or two minutes (in the firefox flashplayer) the video starts jerking and if I look in the task-manager almost 100% of the processor performance is occupied... anyone an idear?!

  30. @ Fred,
    you just need to run Windows Update apart from the drivers in the post above (links are provided).
    As Windows Updated will have more and more of these drivers available you just need to run Windows Update first then check which drivers are missing by going into Device Manager (Do a right click on Computer and select properties, then in the left hand side panel click on Device Manager). You should only see yellow exclamation marks next to the devices that do not have the correct drivers.

    @ sea
    Have you tried with another browser like Chrome, do you have the same problem in IE? I don't have this problem at all but then I am using the 64 bit version and since there is no 64 bit version of Flash player at the moment I doubt that Windows 64 bit running 32 bit programs is better.

    @ Prav
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Glad this helped πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Justin,

    Can you provide a bit more details about the issues you are having? Have you tried both wifi and connecting to a network with ethernet? Is your firewall blocking something...?

  32. Have you guys managed to get the volume indicator bar to work on your 64-bit Win7? I've tried several quicksets and none of them have the option to turn on the visual volume indicator. That's the only thing missing on my system and it's driving me nuts haha.

  33. I have M1210, just installed W7 from XP.
    now my web cam will not work. I worked with dell support for about 2 hours.... NO HELP there!!!!
    got any ideas on what i should do?

  34. Hi Susan,
    Did you follow the procedure I indicated in the article of downloading the solution (file) R151795 from the Dell site? This does not install properly but then if you point Windows 7 device manager to the folder where the solution was extracted to, it can find the drivers for the webcam. You should then no longer see the yellow warning sign in the Device Manager for the webcam. If you then install something like Live Messenger or Skype you should be able to use the webcam, it's just that the Logitech software in the R151795 solution won't work on WIndows 7.
    I'm not sure if you had problems installing the drivers / software or whether it is a hardware problem that Dell support couldn't help with.

  35. John, you make it sound so easy.... i think i have the file... now i need to get the other part done.... i am having the same issue with my HP printer. I will work on it somemore... then if it dosn't work.... i will just open a bottle of wine and think about it somemore. Just kidding...

  36. John,
    everything is pointing at the correct driver. the is no more yellow warning signs. But the device will not work. now what.
    i feel like i am close but am just missing one small thing.

  37. Hi Susan. I like the positive approach πŸ˜‰
    Well it seems you have the drivers installed now and your printer is working! So bravo. What are you using to test that the webcam is working and what if anything are you getting as a result?

  38. John,
    I got my web cam to work with Skype. But i am unable to get it to turn on otherwise. Now what is my problem???? I know,,, the problem is the operator (ME) Help.
    thanks much. susan

  39. Hi Susan,

    That's great news. I actually only use the webcam with either Skype or MSN for video conference calls. What did you have in mind for your webcam other than that, while you are sipping your glass of wine to celebrate the web cam working with Skype πŸ™‚


  40. Well, I like to catch my father or others doing crazy things. Whem my mom was still alive I took my lap top in the doctors visits so she could watch them over and over to understand things better. Just stuff - i guess. I have the botton to the right of my power button that i pushed and my web cam came on.

  41. I see. I must say I never really used it like that and it may well be that this requires the software that is not yet available from Dell or Logitech. You may want to try a piece of free software like Debut Video Capture Software and see if that provides you with what you are looking for?
    PS: Don't worry about the spelling, it's not something I'm always perfect at πŸ™‚

  42. @John
    Thanks for your suggestion, I haven't tried another browser yet but I will let you know if that's the solution for my problem. I also noticed, that the xps is kind of hot from below when ever it happens. Could it be that the processor runs in a kind of throttle mode when it turns to hot? And after all is it regular that the xps turns so hot? I know it has a desktop processor inside and a average good graphics card, but still it seems to me a little to hot for just Internet-browsing.
    Thanks for ya help

  43. May you can help me. I just purchased Windows 7 Professional 64bit edition and cannot get it to install. I keep getting an error and in the info box it is saying the the CPU (t2400) does not support the x64 version. I just received the backup CD to install the 64 bit and now receiving this problem. I am aggreviated with Digital Download. Any help or suggestions would be helpful.

    Windows XP (32bit)
    T2400 1.83 GB Duo Core
    DDR2 4GB of Ram
    Nvidia 7400 Geforce onboard Graphics Card
    No webcam
    and the rest is pretty much like the rest of them.

  44. Can I ask a question? Is this processor really 64bit? Or is it emulated?

    Also, (out of curiosity) why are we loading 64bit OS on this machine? I thought the whole reason to go to 64bit is to take advantage of more memory addressing and enabling more than 4GB (theoretical) of RAM. Perhaps I'm wrong on this.

    I love my Dell XPS M1210. Have 4GB RAM and Centrino Duo T7600 2.33Ghz processor. Toshiba 7200 RPM 320GB Drive and Nvidia 7400 Chip. Also have 3495 Intel Wireless and Verizon 5720v card for mobile broadband. I burn through about 1 9 cell battery each year.

    I am interested in eventually upgrading from Vista to 7. Curious about all the 64bit talk here and if anyone has run into problems upgrading 32 bit Vista to 32 bit Win 7.


  45. @ Amuro. Have you tried downloading the Windows 7 upgrade advisor. It's in the post above under Links. It should provide information on whether your laptop is 64 bit compatible. I installed both versions and did (without proper benchmarking) feel that the 64 bit version was quicker. It is good to use at least 2Gig of RAM when using the 64 bit version. Seems though that when you install 4 Gig but not all of it is available.

    @ dootndo2
    I've heard of 32 bit software emulation under x64 systems, and 64 bit emulation, I guess may be feasible with next generation x128 systems and processors. You're correct about there being no advantage of breaking the 4 gig memory barrier as the m1210 will not even provide 4 gig of memory regardless of the OS. You should however get better results when using a x64 version of software. I often get nice results with the X64 Windows Media player on say MKV files when using the Shark codecs that has a control panel that allows you to define the X64 windows media player as your default media player. Hopefully VLC will come out in a 64 bit version...
    I hear you about the battery, I have given up on buying batteries for the thing and use it as a second desktop now as the battery only gives me about 30 minutes at best and I can't accept to pay 170 euros for a battery when a good Asus netbook (like the 1005 HA with 8 hours battery life) only costs another 150 euros with Windows 7 starter pre-installed!
    Sorry can't help you on the Vista 32bit to Windows 7 32bit upgrade, maybe someone else can chip in here with their experience on this.

  46. In order for the Bluetooth to work correctly, you need to install the driver from Dell, and not rely on the W7 one.

    If you have a Blackberry, first install Desktop Manger.
    Then you'll need to pair the device, then properties the Blackberry device in W7 and update the driver for each (?) item. You do this by manually choosing the driver type "Ports" then "RIM > Virtual Port".

  47. I have installed Windows 7 (32 bits) in my XPS M1210, and all the published comments were great to configure it.
    The CD/DVD unitIt was automatically recognized as SONY DVD+-RW DW-Q58A ATA DEVICE.

    I am trying to read some DVD+R DVDs (with some applications I need to install), and it shows the initial folder, but when I double-click on it, it says that it is an empty folder.

    In other computers, all the recorded information is displayed...

    Do you thiknk that I need to change the driver for the CD unit?
    How should i know which to install?

  48. Hi, i have attempted over 30 x's to install the webcame. I have even done what mentioned in the above thread. I tried installing it straight via device manager. and it still gives me an error... has anyone found a solution or experienced this problem....

  49. Hi John,

    Not sure if any one here faced this issue. I have a 9 cell battery on my XPS-1210 with Win 7 x64 installed on it. I am having Sleep/Hibernate issues with any power option. The critical battery level is set at 5% and the action to Hibernate. The laptop abruptly shuts down when the battery reaches 71%. It appears that the battery indicator is displaying wrong info. I haven't come across any third party ACPI driver that can fix this. This is really frustrating.

    Hope some one can provide me an answer.


  50. Bob,

    I have exactly the same issue with my xps m1210. If you run powercfg / energy from the command prompt you will see that windows 7 assumes that the battery is only charged to 40% of its original capacity.This was not the case when I ran vista so it seems to be related to windows 7. I could not find a solution on the Dell website. Any help?

  51. That's interesting I unfortunately have 0% capacity left and have it plugged in now all the time. I bought an Asus 1005 HA notebook due to it's incredible autonomy and switch between the two depending on what I need. With a battery for the XPS m1210 costing over half the price of a Netbook it's a bit silly! I'll check the powercfg utility out when I get home.

  52. It might not be your Windows 7. It might be your router/switch. By now most of you may of done so many changes to your Windows 7 computer, you may think about reinstalling. But before you do, check your router/network equipment and make sure the firewall/intrusion detection, etc is not blocking your computer's IP address. You should either insert an exception or disable whatever it is that is blocking it. You might want to focus on UDP SNMP traffic.

  53. I see no ones posted for some time but thought I would ask anyway....I installed windows7 x64 as well (awesome, compared to Vista anyway) and I'm still getting an issue with the bottom one or two pixels on my screen being shifted left about an inch. I don't blame this on windows 7 as I had this on my previos xp pro x86 install. I had figured it was a driver issue though and had never gotten around to reinstalling the driver until now but same deal. It's nothing huge but noticable when I move my mouse pointer all the way down and see the white of the pointer shift left about an inch. Like I said it's just the bottom one or two pixels but wondering if anyone else has this issue or if it's just my screen or videocard.

  54. I installed Windows 7 on my Dell XPS 1210 laptop and now my screen looks like crap. You can see lines on the screen, I tried to download the intel 945gm drivers for Windows 7 64bit but it says my computer doesnt fit the requirements??

    Service tag: 1W221D1

    Any suggestions?

  55. Also now I cant put the laptop into sleep mode? the option is just gray and I cant click on it, the only option is shut down.

  56. im havin a XPS M1210. after uppgrd to windows 7 my VGA shows only a 64mb graphic memory. ny way to make it to old value of 256mb? any one have a idea?

  57. hi,

    Thanks for all the useful information here, just finished installing Win7 x64 on XPS M1210.

    a quick guide for people who *want* logitech software:

    1. download R151795 from the Dell site.
    2. double click and run it, it will extract the archive to "C:\dell\drivers\R151795", setup will autorun and break operation as our version is not supported.

    // below is how you make it 'work' the file "C:\dell\drivers\R151795\Setup.ini" with notepad and go to **YOUR** O/S section.

    3.b.for example I use Win7 64-bit, therefore I scrolldown to [OS64] part.

    if you use 32-bit (obviously) you should go to the top one [OS32]

    and find "MaxVersion" key.

    3.c.change it. I'm on Win7 as I said, so it is windows version 6.1, therefore if I change the MaxVersion value to 7.0.9000 as shown below, installation wizard just works:


    4. restart installation using setup.exe

    5. restart the PC & enjoy logitech software


  58. I have xps 1210, just installed windows 7 and a new hard drive, I can't get it to reg, says I did a Clean install, and I did, had vista on old hard drive, crashed... how can I get it to reg the upgrade #...???it only let me install 32 not 64 bit... any help would be gret!

    thank you...

  59. Hi,

    back in December I set up a new workstation with Win7 x64. I must say that I really like it. So I am now thinking upgrading my XPS m1210 to Win7. While surfing the web I found this blog with a lot of helpful information. Thanks for that!

    Still, there is something I am thinking about after reading all the posts... although the Win7 Upgrade Advisor says that 2 gigs RAM are enough for Win7 x64 I am not convinced that it is really sufficient to work smoothly, especially when working with Photoshop etc. Looking back at Microsoft's past recommendations for memory I have the feeling that I should have more memory installed than the minimum recommendation.

    So there would be several options (I have 2x1 = 2 gigs installed right now):
    1) either upgrade to 4 gigs with the drawback that I can't use the full 4 gigs.
    2) live with 2 gigs and probably install Win7 32bit.
    3) upgrade to 3 gigs replacing one of the RAM modules by a 2 gig module and install either 32 or 64 bit Win7

    What would you say is the best choice? Or shall I go for x64 with only 2 gigs installed?

    Thanks, Uwe

  60. I run Windows 7 on my XPS M1210, maxed. 2GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB, 500GB HDD. and I'm to experience sudden shut off of my laptop when it's in the 60-70% battery range. I read somewhere that it could be due to heating but haven't anymore information than that.

  61. yep the 1210m IS a 64m graphic card with 750m ON RAM (-:
    (this was a ripoff from dell for the price ... but still it works ;;;

  62. Shaad,

    The graphics card in these laptops only have 64mb of dedicated video memory. The remaining 192mb is shared with your main system memory, using NVIDIA's TurboCache technology to boost performance in 3D applications. Windows 7 is showing you the hard value of your available video ram, and not adding the shared ram. This will not impact your GPU's performance negatively.

  63. Thanks for all the M1210 driver tips. With x64 it's like a whole new machine.

    Here's one for you: You can install the Logitech QuickCam app in W7x64 by navigating to the dell->drivers->R151795->QuickCam->x64 directory (where the R151795 pkg from Dell unpacked). Then just right-click on the QuickCam.msi file and select Install.

    That'll bypass the OS check in the higher-level script and the cam then works just like it did under Vista.

    Of course, make sure that you've already installed the camera drivers first though.

    Thanks again,

  64. Hi I have just installed win 7 64 bit and my cd drive is not reading cd's dvd's cd rw and dvd rw. Is there a driver for the SONY DVD RW DW-Q58A ATA Device that I need to download? if so where can i find it?

  65. Hi all ^^
    I have also a xps m1210 centrino duo t7200 2ghz /nvidia ge go7400/ and uprgaded 4g ram and 500gb hdd 7400 rpm
    i pass to win 7 32 ver. and everyting is working fine BUT...
    I have a big probleme with the battery pack ...
    When i plug the battery in the laptop then after i boot explorer usualy frooz )-: . I have to unplug the battery and use de ac cord to use the laptop ( witout the batery in ... )
    anyone any ideas what will be the probleme ???
    tanks for your help
    PS: i am sure that IT is the battery who makes explorer freez !! windows still work just the explorer freez .....
    I can not make any relation why the batery and explorer but this is it !!

  66. I purchased two 2 G Ram for my XPS M1210. My windows is Windows XP media center 32 bit, so it does not see all 4 G. I realized the only way I can take advantage of all memory is using x64 operating system.
    My question is "Can I install x64 OS on XPS M12010?, does XPS M12010 support that?"

  67. Thanks to everyone for the information posted here on installing Windows 7 on the Dell XPS m1210 laptop.

    I am wishing to do the same with my m1210 however I do not have the installation disks that came with the laptop. I purchased this laptop second hand - it works fine on XP but there are no installation disks with it.

    My question, do I need them to install Windows 7 Ulimate (x64) on the m1210? If I do need driver updates, can anyone please tell me where I can go to find them for Windows 7 ?

    Thank you for any assistance anyone can provide on this matter.


  68. 1) You can install W7 (either the 32 or 64 bit versions) without the XP install disks. Go for the clean install after having saved everything from your current install to an external hard disk or burn to a blank CD/DVD.
    2) If you want to come back to the XP install you will need the XP install disks. You can probably find some second-hand disks somewhere on the net.

  69. Hello John

    Thank you for your reply to my Windows 7 x64 question. I was thinking that might be the case but wasn't sure. I appreciate your input to my query very much indeed.

    I will be installing Windows 7 Ulitmate x64 on a brand new hard drive with a clean install and saving my XP system drive as a back up drive should the new drive fail for any reason.

    I have searched for the XP install discs on the 'net but have not found any for sale so far. I will keep on looking, just in case I need them for an additional XP install in the future.

    Thank you again for your input.


  70. I have installed Win 7 32bit on my M1210. I have tried following the above information on how to get the Webcam working but it's still doesn't work. any help would be great thanks

  71. Interesting, I've got it to work and to work better than before. I downloaded the Software and driver for the Logitech C270 of the Logitech web page (it's a HD camera) I then installed it. But it said that my Webcam was not attached but my Mic was. I then went to the device manager and double click the unknown device, driver tab, then update driver button.

    Select - Browse my computer for driver software. Search for a driver software in this location

    c:\dell\drivers\R151795\drivers\x32 Then hit next. It should find and install drivers.

    My Camera worked but also it worked better than before. A clearer picture. And the Logitech software for the C270 is so much better then the old system I use to have.

  72. Can anyone help me to get the display driver for my XPS M1210
    to work with window 7 64 bits.My did not work with the default driver from microsoft window 7

  73. Hi,

    Also installed windows 7 64 on the M1210. However, I cant use your method to get the Ricoh Card Reader driver. The program u used keeps telling me I have no internet connection. I think the backend this program used is offline now. Do you have another location to get this 64bit driver, it's realy hard to find ... πŸ™

  74. Never mind my previous post, always happens to me ...
    Seconds later I found a windows 7 driver on the Dell website ...

    This one did the trick ...

    Ann Tran: to install the Go 7400 drivers. Keep on updating the system through windows update and also look @ the optional updates. Eventualy the driver will be installed.

    Thx for this post Ubikann πŸ˜‰


  75. After much trying to find a usable driver at the synaptics website without success, this driver link solved the scrolling problem. Big thank you!

  76. Update:
    All these Workarounds with the Drivers work well even with Windows 10 (32 Bit).
    Great informations here... Thanks mate,

  77. Well.....much time has passed...but I am running w7U 64bit with no problem at all...
    used some of my Precision m4400 drivers & chipsets,7U 64bit...all others worked w m1210 where accepted by w7. You need to find the Nvidia 64 driver on their website. Feel free to contact me for more info. I was able to upgrade to 10pro 64bit... but the display was unacceptable due to the 1280x800 dpi... but I also must say it would be a personal decide if you like 10 on the m1210, even with Nvidia grapics...have at it!!! Aloha from Hawai`i

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