Apple dominating tablets… for now

Great article over at The Register on the future of Android and Apple. Matt Asay discusses how Jobs recently glowed about the dominance of Apple in the tablet market. As I discussed recently the tipping point for Android is nigh, Android is taking over the iPhone and Assay points out that this is why Apple is concentrating their efforts on the tablet market now. In the same way that Windows wasn’t really better than Apple when the Mac versus PC battle took place and was lost by Apple, Android just needs to be good, cheaper and in multiple variations… what they have done with Android and in so doing have won the market.

I’m still gutted that Nokia aren’t going the Android route as I would have been such a happy man… 🙂

Would you be honest?

Nice little experiment from Honest Tea. If you came across a store where you were expected to be honest, and pay a dollar a bottle, would it work in your town or country?

Android: the tipping point is nigh

Android market share keeps increasing. iPhone owners in the media seem to be getting jittery, looking to question Android on as many points as they can think of.

I’m curious to see so many articles, like on Econsultancy, Computerworld and Read The Web, questioning the numbers about Android dominance or questioning the quality of the apps and also questioning people like Fed Wilson here. “He is wrong” about the importance and future dominance of the Android platform (imagine Voldemort’s voice). At TechWatch, we are told Android is “a threat to the more expensive likes of the iPhone“. It’s as if they’re scared their own iPhone may not be the predominant phone in the market and that Apps will first be built for Android OS (Operating System) and then maybe for Apple 😉
Wilson’s data is solid and obviously his detractors (Apple’s friends in the media) need to explain why other things are more important to try and stop this from happening…. I’m surprised that haven’t started saying, the “OS-That-Must-Not-Be-Named” just to make it a bit more dramatic…

The fact that Android is attracting a higher percentage of younger users is also an interesting point to take into account for market share evolution, and which OS the younger population will be used to when they get older…

OS usage by age on smartphones

Love the comment on Nielsen’s blog about Seniors, it’s so true, make it easy to use:

Elie Gindi, founder of the senior-focused tech blog ElderGadget, recently told me that the people who follow him and his writers are interested and excited by gadgets and new technologies.

“If it’s good technology, seniors embrace it the same as everyone else,” he said. “The key here is if it is truly ‘good’ and they see a real use for it, whether for entertainment or business or lifestyle. They are smart shoppers who aren’t so much interested in [the] useless ‘bells and whistles’ many products contain.”
Ref: Nielsen

Media people in general are far more likely to use Apple hardware; hey its cool isn’t it. Journalists and people in the media in general are used to their Apple “iOS” and would prefer not to have to change. When I tried to get my girlfriend to change to a Motorola Droid she didn’t like the fact it was different even though I find all the same apps for her. She also later on decided it may not be as bad as that, when someone in Gossip girl used one. Ah the media again, even if it was helpful but too late…

Apple’s current position results from first mover, intelligent marketing and of course great software and hardware effects.
But as Reghardware points out, in 2010 Apple’s iPhone 4 “is essentially much the same product” whereas the competitors are getting better and better.

The quantity and variety argument will soon apply to Android but I find so many in both cases pretty useless so I disregard both these arguments completely. Blackberry still beats Android and iPhone hands down on Email. Even K9 on Android doesn’t provide search like on a Blackberry. Don’t even mention the email system on Maemo for my N900, so frustrating…

However an important argument from my point of view is what the system allows you to do. Apple does not and will continue to lock things down far more than Android. If you take the example of Innobel, this app that launched recently will not work and cannot work on iOS because Apple has locked down the functionalities that would like on Android allow you to share info with a caller while on the call. The situation is similar to how Windows ‘has’ to work with so many types of hardware, whereas Mac OS only has to work with its own limited range of hardware.

Had to drop this in though:
Qriously Android Survey
from a Qriously survey which I’m guessing wasn’t done on an iPhone like in the example below:

On a side note, I must just say, the first company to provide a Smartphone with the following will be my best friends for ever and in return I’ll be their client, good deal no? I’d like a solid and powerful Smartphone with large onboard memory plus expandable memory, a good camera (above 8 mega pixels plus quality lens), with sturdy touchscreen and physical keyboard, with, and this is the important part, a battery that can be ejected and replaced with another one, without having to take the case + the back of the phone off. This is a winner for me! And all of the above is never going to happen with Apple, because they lock down hardware so much that the only option you have is to buy a new one, oh yes (and a case + a manual on how to hold it when you call). When will people learn…?

Update (08 Apr): What was I saying, and then I come across such a waste of time article on ReadWriteWeb where the iPhone lover journalist complains that his phone froze when trying to install Flickr on an Android phone. As if that never happens on an iPhone…

Get your smartphone to count calories

As explained over on TechCrunch you may think the below is an April fools but apparently not!

Check out what is “expected” as calories for a few cashew nuts. Imagine if you had a bag of them, they’d be deadly.

Snap those cashew Nuts

And well here’s a link for checking out the app

However on a more serious note having worked on similar types of projects for large companies these can be dangerous if taken too serioulsy when we’re talking about serious apps that provide fairly accurate info. Beware that it doesn’t become an addiction that rules your life:

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Babies talk about Google’s +1

OK you should probably only watch this once, as it may get annoying, listening to it again, so here is an exposé about Google +1, “from the babies mouth” as they say:


“This is going to change everything”

“Talk to the hand bill”

It’s a translation version of the viral twin baby video…

Check out the original viral version here:

And if you are actually interested about what “us old adults” think the twins are actually saying, check the twins’ parents’ site and the twins being interviewed on GMA, or is that the parents or both 😉

Avoiding shadows with a single core LED light bulb

As can be seen below image + video the new Panasonic LED light by using a single core led avoids shadows that are formed by multiple LEDs


The principle of having a single LED as illustrated in screenshot from the video gets rid of numerous shadows that are created when multiple LEDs are used in a light bulb.

via DigiInfo

A musical fork: EaTheremin

Using the body as a conductor and part of the overall circuit to create sounds, different types of food create different sounds!

Dell ATG E6420 starting at $2,294.00

The Dell US shop has (hidden at the moment edit: sorry has now been deleted from the catalogue) the Dell LAtitide ATG E 6420, Intel® Core™ i5-2520M (2.50GHz, 3M cache) 250GB/2GB, starting from $2,294.00 with current reductions it brings the price down to $1,949.00 :
Configure your Dell LAtitide ATG E 6420 from $2,294.00 tag price or another one with 250GB/3GB starting at $2,364.00 here

Dell Latitude E6420 ATG

Dell Latitude E6420 ATG

Expected availability is 31st April 2011:

Dell store indicates that the shipping date for the Intel® Core™ i5-2520M (2.50GHz, 3M cache) with Turbo BoostTechnology 2.0 with 250GB/2GB is: Preliminary Ship Date: Expected to ship from 4/15/2011 edit: this date slipped from 15th to 21st April and item has now been removed from the catalogue now down as being available from 31st April

It’s interesting as one thing that was putting me off was the handle on it and that is optional and costs an extra 50 dollars…


Another point some specialist sites had got the memory specs wrong providing incorrect data on the max being 4GB. The specifications on the Dell store indicate that there are 2 slots that can each take up to 4GB meaning that the maximum memory like with the Dell E6410 ATG is also 8GB of memory maximum.
The notebooks site got this correct with a full set of specifications here.

The official Dell specs can be found here (PDF)

Hoping it will be available soon in Europe… 🙂

Edit: for those looking for the E6420, the non-ATG model starts at $1,040, Intel® Core™ i3-2310M (2.10GHz, 3M cache), Dell E6420. In France this is going for 949€ (228€ reduction, down from 1177€)
And the E6520 model starts at $1,090 Intel® Core™ i3-2310M (2.10GHz, 3M cache) : Dell E6520
The 5520 starts at $949, Intel® Core™ i3-2310M (2.10GHz, 3M cache): Dell E5520

Kinect hack to manage home lighting system

No I’m not obsessed with the Xbox, I don’t even have one, but this is pretty cool, where you can see that the Kinect (with major hacking and programming) is used to manage the whole lighting system within the flat…

Simple really, lol 😉

Add to the mixer: Windows phone and kinect for Xbox…

Posted by Riaz (whose soul belongs to Mr Gates) on Linkedin

The concept looks fun but, oh my does the video just not have the glossy edge to it…